General is an Online skill game service. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to becoming a member of our service, as they constitute a legally binding agreement between the site operator and the person who chooses to become a member.

When becoming a member of, you agree to have read and accept these Terms and Conditions. This then acts as an agreement between you and; whereby you and are committed to the conditions of the terms.

With your registration, you agree that may email you our electronic newsletter on the email address you register with.

Important updates and changes in the terms are published under Terms and Conditions on the website.

The Terms and Conditions have been valid since 1st June 2015.

When becoming a member of, it enables the member to play online skills games and win prizes. The Site Operator expects you, and all other members of the service, to take responsibility in using the internet with courtesy and responsibility, to become familiar with the site and to practice good internet conduct.

By signing up to the 2 day trial subscription on, the member accept this agreement by any legally recognizable means and hereby acknowledge that he/she will be irrevocably agreeing to all the terms, conditions, obligations, warranties, and other provisions set forth in this agreement. The duration of the terms ”2 day paid trial” and ”2 day trial” is equivalent to 48 hours everywhere they are mentioned in this document and on the webpage:

On the website under “How it works” members will find instructions on how to start playing. will not be responsible for actions taken by members who have not read our Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are originally written in English and have been translated into other languages using this text. If there are misunderstandings in any translated material, it is always the original English Terms and Conditions that will prevail.


In order to participate in the games offered by, a member must be at least eighteen (18) years old and use a valid credit card or other payment solutions, offered by site operator. Any member to the website warrants and represents that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age and has the legal capacity to enter into agreements of this nature. If this is not the case, then any prizes won including any gift associated with signing up will not be delivered.

( employees and their close family and friends are not eligible to participate in any games on the website.)


During Registration, a member is required to provide their email address and credit card details. After registration a welcome email is sent with password information and we recommend going to "My Account" and filling out the full name and full postal address. The information provided will enable us to send the qualified goods or services. Members are advised to check their junk or spam mail if welcome mail is not received within 10 minutes. Members must not provide any false information. Accounts are non-transferable. When members sign up, the email address used for the registration will automatically be used as the username to login. Therefore, please make sure that the email address is typed in correctly or you will not receive your welcome email with your password and other important information. It is your responsibility to make sure the email is correct. The welcome email will be sent soon after the sign up and payments have been completed. If a member does not receive the welcome email due to but not limited to incorrect mail used or an active spam filter it is the responsibility of the member to contact to get the welcome email resent. Failing to do so does not cancel the membership. It is the members own responsibility to ensure that their password is kept confidential and should not at any time be shared with anyone. It is the members responsibility to keep the password safe and the member will be liable for any activities on their account. do not have access to the members passwords as they are encrypted for the members´ own safety. To recover the password, the member can go to and click the "forgot password" button. The member will be asked to enter their email address they used to sign up with, and the password will be sent shortly after. Any misuse of the member's account will result in the member being banned from the website and any prizes won will be cancelled.

How do the games work is all about online skills games. The games on the website are based on solving the games at the fastest possible time, getting the highest score or getting the highest score in the fastest time and each skill game has it's own prize that can be won. Any member are able to try to improve their score/time as many time as they like to in order to improve their ranking until the competition ends. When a competition ends, the best-ranked member will win the prize shown under the specific game. Any member can at any time see their rank at the competitions, which they have played. Only paying members can participate in our competitions. The winning member will receive an email with the result. Hereafter either the physical product will be sent to the physical address stated in the member's account or a gift certificate will be sent to the winner's email address. If the prize is a psychical product the winner will receive an email from in which the winner will be asked to confirm the postal address.

Promotional and Special Offers

If a member choose to sign up for a 2-day trial subscription, the trial period will automatically be renewed upon expiration unless the subscription is cancelled within the trial period. The member will be able to cancel the subscription on the website, under "My Account", call our phone support or send an email to The standard trial period for trying is 2 days from the sign up. Members should always check the promotion offered and carefully read the information on the sign up pages to get the complete information about the membership and product offered by the specific campaign.

As soon as members have signed up for a 2 day trial subscription, they will instantly get full access to as a trial member. The full subscription starts automatically after the 2 day trial period ends. Members can start playing games as soon as they become a trial member. However to receive any prizes he/she may win during the trial period, they will need to continue the subscription for at least one month. A full member can win a maximum of 25 prizes each month. Promotional offers including a welcome bonus can be received only once per household, credit card, IP address and physical person until stock last. In other words, a physical person can only receive one of the welcome bonuses displayed in the promotional offers from In the case of sharing connection such as university, library, flat sharing or free spot, it will be considered as fraud and the subscription will automatically be cancelled. When signing up to a promotional offer, members do not have the option to ask for a bonus displayed in a different promotional offer.

If runs out of stock on a specific promotional item, welcome gift and prizes, has the right to replace the item in question with another of kind or color or product of the same value, if chooses to do so. If a replacement cannot or will not be done and this causes delay in delivery due to waiting for more stock, can not be held responsible for this delay.

In order to receive the welcome gift, members will have to:

1. After the sign up, login to with the password that has been sent by email, go to 'My account' and add their personal postal address.

2. Upload a proof of the address and identity (drivers license/passport and a utility bill). In order for the upload to be accepted, it has to be exactly the same name and address as submitted into “my account”. If the information uploaded does not correspond, can refuse to send the welcome gift or any other products/prizes to prevent any attempt on fraud. The member has one week from sign up to upload correct documents.

3. Play at least 10 complete games within the trial period (48 hours from sign up). It does not matter whether it is the same game 10 times or different games as long as you have played at least 10 times.

4. Not cancel the trial membership within the first 24 hours.

We will then send you your welcome gift to the address you have confirmed with us no longer than 4-6 weeks after the completion. Please note that cannot be held responsible in case of late delivery. We use a third party delivery company, and they are responsible for the delivery, product return, malfunction and support of the products In case the welcome gift has to be sent back to by the member, shipping fees will be the responsibility of the member. Requests for refunds for shipping fees will not be considered.


The standard subscription is on a monthly basis and will automatically be renewed upon expiration. If receive the cancellation request after the renewal, the subscription will remain active until the expiration date of the current subscription period, which is one month. A one month subscription means 30 days, so if a member became a member on the 10th of a month, the next subscription fee will be charged on the 10th the month after. starts charging members for the monthly subscription fee and any applicable taxes and fees associated therewith, after the 2 day trial period ends, unless the member has cancelled the subscription correctly in accordance with the above conditions.

When a person registers to become a member on they have to fill out information about the payment method such as the credit card that they want to use. In some cases, if the available balance or credit limit does not cover the full subscription, the access to the will be cancelled to reflect the accessible charge if chooses to use this option. In case members cancel their subscription, the account will stay active in the remaining subscription period. Only active subscription members can win the prizes. Upon a game expiry, If the owner of the best score of a game is no longer an active member, the winner will be the second best active member. A member is able to reopen their membership, but they are not able to use our promotional campaigns more than once.

New members to are enrolled into our membership with a flat fee per month. Please see pricing per currency here: NOK 699, SEK 799, EUR89, AUD129, CAD129 & NZD139. is only responsible for the amount has charged and not for any fee the member's bank might have charged.

In cases where renewed members do not have full coverage for the monthly membership fee on the credit card used during sign up, will temporarily cancel the account while trying to debit a less amount is the following sequence: First attempt - 50 % of the full monthly subscription fee, Second attempt - 25 % of the full monthly subscription fee, and Third attempt - 10 % of the full monthly subscription fee. In case, succeeds to debit for any of these amounts, the subscription period will be adjusted accordingly. In case, are not able to recover any the lost subscription fee, the account will be terminated immediately.

Members can always cancel the subscription under "My Account", call support or send an email to will deactivate the access to the service as soon as the subscription expires, or in the case of non-payment. Any prizes or gifts will be canceled at this moment. In order to keep a subscription active and avoid an unintended deactivation of the member's subscription, credit card payments might be settled earlier than the exact renewal date of the ongoing subscription period. This will of course not shorten the original subscription period. This is only to secure that members do not unintentionally lose their membership and thereby the prizes they have won.

Shipping of prizes and gifts uses third party companies to ship prizes and gifts around the world. Should you have any questions, please contact's support at with subject "Prizes" or "Welcome gift" depending on your request.

1. Shipping of prizes will normally consist of a gift certificate to the specific product, which was won by the member. The winning member will receive an email with the result and the prize will be sent to the winner's email address. The member must then claim the product from one of our delivery partners. If the prize is a physical product the winner will receive an email from in which, the winner will be asked to confirm the postal address.

2. Shipping of a gift in relation to promotional and special offers. ships welcome gifts once a week. Once the member has complied with the rules set up in the the promotional and/or special offer they will receive the gift within 4-6 weeks.

Terms of use of the account

A member must log into their account and complete the form with a correct name and address. Members must take full responsibility of the equipment necessary to navigate on (e.g. computer, software, telecommunication systems etc.). Equivalently, the cost incurred by using said equipment lies with our members.

Intellectual property

Copyright laws protects our Brand name, game type, design, logos, texts and pictures, and everything else around No company, person or member is allowed to use parts of anything related to the site or anything belonging to the site both directly or indirectly without having written permission from Any violations against intellectual property right will be met with lawsuits.

Refund policy

Under certain circumstances, members of may be entitled to a refund of the last payment. In order to receive such refund, members must contact us by email within 30 days after the payment date. Members may only be entitled to a refund, if no member benefits have been used. Please note that any trial period fees are non-refundable.

Should a refund be granted, the subscription will be cancelled immediately and the member will no longer have access to The member also loses its right to receive either welcome gift or won prizes. If the member has played any games and wins but which expires after the cancellation, the member will no longer be entitled to receive the prize.

If a charge back has been filed, the member will not be entitled to any refund.

Any fee charged by the member's bank will not be refundable.

Modification/Deletion reserves the right to delete/modify accounts which have, according to the site, a behaviour irreconcilable with its principles or with other members' interests. Members are only allowed to use for private use. It is thus strictly forbidden to use the site for professional, advertising, and promotional or commercial purposes. It is also against the rules to use the site to spread content that could be construed as offensive to other members (based on race, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs).

Exclusions reserves the right to exclude a member, without warning, in the following cases:

Service abuse Violation of the current Terms and Conditions Sharing information concerning other members' (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, etc.) Illegal behaviour, unethical, irresponsible or any other behaviour that could be construed as harassment towards other members Claim of fraud Claim of unauthorized charge/s Abusive/improper language used in emails and/or on the phone Accounts considered being fraudulent General unacceptable behavior as defined by the site Any content considered as a direct violation with the law as well as cases of harassment will be reported to the relevant authorities, including the IP address of the member, time of creation and any other necessary information.

Privacy and respect to private life

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the member accepts the privacy policy as described below. Members are recommended to read it carefully before accepting it. If he/she does not accept this privacy policy, they cannot create an account on

Data collected during the account creation

When creating an account on, members may receive e-mails from under the following forms: 1) E-mails: welcoming members on the site, informing members about the latest news on their account (new e-mail, new comment, new question, new member features and such), but also news concerning their ranking and how much is needed for him/her to place themselves within the top list to win products. 2) Updates: regarding, as well as information about cooperation's between and third parties. 3) User surveys: asking members to participate to surveys (measuring member's expectations etc…) 4) Data collected: In addition to the content mentioned above, e-mails sent by may also include contents (ultimately advertising) originating from third parties based on the interests indicated by members.

Terms of Payment

Payments on or affiliated campaign sites can only be made via credit cards or debit cards listed on our site, such as: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro, unless stated otherwise.

Terms of Payment

Payments on or affiliated campaign sites can only be made via credit cards or debit cards listed on our site, such as: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro, unless stated otherwise.

Customer Service

All customers who send an email to will automatically receive a confirmation email with a reference number in the bottom of the email. This number confirms that the email has been received (but not answered yet) and will be attended to by our support staff. If the member does not receive this confirmation email, may not have received the member's email and it is recommended to either send another email or call support. Please note that is not liable for unattended requests from customers who have lost their reference numbers.

Once the email is received, our support staff will answer this email as quickly as possible to give our members the best possible service. When a member is contacting, it is solely the member's responsibility to provide with the correct email address used when signing up in order to receive any assistance. The system only recognizes the original email with which the member signed up. If the member does not have access to the email used by signing up, the member needs to use the sign up email as a reference in any correspondence with

At the risk of amending the wrong account, will not amend any accounts until has been provided with the correct details. Any requests made from incorrect emails details are not accepted as being within the timeline in relations to any requests to unsubscribe. In case a debit card is used without enough credit, has the right to close the account and try to collect the money owed for a membership through collecting services. All payments both on the website and campaign sites are all under's SSL encryption and does not and will never have credit card information at hand as they are at all times collected by a PCI compliant external payment provider. The card used to pay for services at or affiliated campaign sites must belong to the member, or the owner must have given the member permission to use the card.

In case of credit card fraud, can never be held responsible. In case of a dispute concerning the payment, members must immediately inform via customer service at reserves the right to modify payment terms, prizes as well as the content of offers and services at any time without notice. If should change the monthly subscription price, all members will be notified 30 days prior to the change taking effect.

Return Policy of Prizes and Gifts

In case a received physical prize or gift is damaged or defective upon arrival or if the shipment is unsuitable in any way then the member should contact support team and they will contact our third party delivery company to resolve the situation. The member must inform of their intent to return the item within 7 days after receipt and a case will be opened. The member will be advised what to do by the support staff. The return of a damaged or defective product is possible from the moment the member receives the product and until 14 days after they received the item. If the member chooses to return a product, damaged/defective or not without prior agreement with support staff, costs for returning the products will not be covered by or our third party delivery company. When a damaged or defective product is returned, the member must send the item back to the sender/courier indicating their email address used when registering. Email requests for return of any products should be sent to Products, which have been used, are not eligible for return.

In case the member has received a gift certificate, the member will have to contact the respective customer support at the retailer or e-tailer. are not obligated to handle any such product support related matters.

Overdue Balance / Charge back

Customers of who have an overdue balance or owe the website money in charges for membership or other fees must settle the debt in a timely manner or risk having their case handed over to a debt collector. In the event that a debt collector is involved, the overdue balance must be settled directly with the debt collector. Accounts that do not settle overdue balances or unduly chargebacks within the allotted time, whereby allotted time is determined on a case-to-case basis, may be blacklisted and may also incur further fees. The member will pay any and all fees.

Disruptions in Service

Occasionally there could be downtime on the website due to update or servers or other issues. If this happens active games will be suspended. Members playing a game when services are shut down will not lose their rank if the games have been completed before the shutdown. If the shutdown happens in the middle of a game being played, then the score of the game will not count as an attempt. cannot be held responsible for these issues.

Privacy Policy Information Collection and Use

1. Privacy Policy on Payment Information is the sole owner of the payment information collected on this site. Unless required to do so by law, will not share, sell or distribute any of the information the member has provided to without the members consent. Data provided through's secure payment gateway is solely provided to's third party payment partner. will not store this data in any way.

2. Privacy Policy on non payment information

The subscriber's personal information such as email, name and address may be passed to third parties for commercial use.


Any winner can be asked to supply with a testimonial and a picture and reserves the right to publish the name, region, and photograph of the winners to use it for's marketing promotional material. If a member does not want to send us the requested information, have the right to withhold the prizes until further notice. This policy is one of the conditions of participating on the, and allows providing the public with testimony of the games won by members.

Legal Obligations

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall or any of its related or affiliated companies be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use the Service. Members specifically acknowledges and agrees that is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any member, or for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction of stored files or unauthorized access to a member account, alteration of or use of records, whether under contract or tort theory, or under any other cause of action, for any amount over and above the amount paid by member to for the preceding three (3) months. makes no warranties as to the information, services or any products provided through or in connection with the use of A member uses at his/hers own risk. nor any other party involved in any creation can be liable for any direct incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising from the use of

Please check your local laws for any restrictions or limitations regarding the exclusion of implied warranties.


The member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the site operator, the officers, directors, managers, members, agents and employees of the applicable websites against any claims, losses, liabilities or expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of a member's breach of any term, condition or promise contained herein. Should such claim for indemnification arise, or should any action be brought up by a member or the site operator relating to any services or products offered by or through, the member agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of Denmark.


This Agreement sets forth the full and complete understanding between a member and with respect to its subject matter, and supersedes all prior understandings or agreements, whether written or verbal.

In the event that one or more provisions of this Agreement shall, for any reason, be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such validity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision contained in this Agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

Modification maintains the right to modify Terms and Conditions at any given time. This has been modified June 1st 2015

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